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Otorhinolaryngology Dept.
The diseases which can be seen on the body surface of patients are belonged to the otorhinolaryngology dept. Which divided into five parts:
1.common dermatoses: Furuncle, carbuncle , erysipelas,acute phlegmon , herpes zoster , tinea of manus and pedes, contact dermatitis , eczema ,urticaria , cataneous pruritus , acne vulgaris, and chloasma, etc.
2.common diseases of the rectum and anus Hemorrhoid internal, external and mixed.
3.common ophthalmic diseases: Conjunctivitis , cataract, hordeolum. and trachoma ,etc.
4.Common diseases of the ear, nose and throat: Eczema of external auditory meatus, acute otitis media, Meniere's disease , sudden deafness,acute rhinitis. chronic rhinitis , allergic rhinitis , acute sinusitis , chronic sinusitis ,chronic pharyngitis,epistaxis , oral ulcer and acute tonsillitis, etc.
5.other common disease: thyroid adenoma, urinary calculus,benign hypertrophy of prostate, and prostatis etc.
Internal treatment: drugs are given according to differentiation and treatment of common syndromes for oral admimistration.
External treatment: paste , powder, ointment, etc.
W20I : ointment for the treatment of the chloasma
W202 ointment for the treatment of contact dermatitis
W203 : ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoid external
W204 : ointment for the treatment of eczema
W205 ointment for the treatment of acne vulgaris
TT3 : lotion for the treatment of the leukorrhea and cutaneous pruntls.
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