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Kaohsiung Municipal Chinese Medical Hospital
Brief Introduction of hospital

After this city was changed to municipality under the direct jurisdiction of the Executive Yuan on July 1, 1979 to satisfy with the demand of people, this hospital was established under the support of city council, Chinese medical doctor's association and civic organizations. The previous mayors, Mr. Wang Yu- Yun and Young Ching- Tsung, and City Health Bureau build the hospital on Fu-Cheng St. on July 1,1983. The Labor's medical Insurance of Internal medicine, Gynaecology , Acupuncture were performed in Aug. 1983. The Labor's medical Insurance of Traumatology was performed in April 1985. Official medical Insurance of Internal medicine , Gynaecology, Traumatology, and Acupuncture were performed in March 1988 . Parents of Official medical Insurance was performed in July 1989. Children of Official medical Insurance and night clinic service were performed in July 1992.And Nation-wide Health Insurance was performed in March 1995 to serve al people for their health. The purpose of this hospital is to pursue the modernization of Chinese medicine and scientism of Chinese herb.
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